Privacy Policy

Plus! Gateway is operated by Collinson (Latitude) Pte Ltd. (“Service Provider”) on behalf of NTUC Link Pte Ltd (“NTUC Link”). Effective Date of this Policy: September 1, 2015


This Privacy Policy describes information that NTUC Link and/or the Service Provider collect about Plus! Members who use the Plus! Gateway; and how NTUC Link and/or the Service Provider use and protect this information. Please also refer to the site Terms & Conditions.

What information are collected and why

Plus! Members are entitled to earn LinkPoints when making qualifying purchases at an affiliate site via the Plus! Gateway at, in accordance with the Plus! Gateway Terms & Conditions.

Upon the setting up of a Plus! account (“Account”), NTUC Link will collect and store the information the Plus! Member provides in the sign up process, including personal identifiable information Including but not limited to his or her name, mailing address and e-mail address, in accordance with NTUC Link’s Privacy Policy. This information is disclosed by NTUC Link to the Service Provider to the minimum extent required by the Service Provider to track the Plus! Member’s transactions via Plus! Gateway for the purposes of calculating and posting LinkPoints.

During the Plus! Member’s use of Plus! Gateway, the Service Provider may collect or receive from its affiliates, such as participating retailers, information regarding the Plus! Member’s qualifying purchases and online behavior. Such information includes but is not limited to, information regarding purchases made, products ordered, order number, as well as the time and date the purchase occurred.

Disclosure of information

Where it is necessary for the allocation of the Plus! Member’s LinkPoints, the Service Provider may disclose to participating retailers, information provided by the Plus! Member, or information that the Service Provider has obtained about the Plus! Member’s Account or shopping behavior.

The Service Provider may engage third party contractors who provide services in connection with or incidental to Plus! Gateway and who may have access to Plus! Members’ information in connection with performing their services. These third party contractors have an obligation to keep the Plus! Member’s information confidential and are not allowed to use or disclose such information outside of the authorized purposes. The Service Provider may also provide Plus! Members’ information to its affiliates or its agents, such as independent auditors, consultants or attorneys for internal business purposes. Plus! Members’ information may be disclosed if, in reasonable judgment, such disclosure is necessary to comply with law or government agency requests.

The Service Provider will aggregate information regarding all Plus! Members’ qualifying purchases and online behaviour before disclosing to third parties for advertising and marketing purposes and to other service providers to enable them to improve services in connection with Plus! Gateway. The aggregated data will also be provided to NTUC Link in order for them to improve and customize their services to Plus! Members. As such information is provided in aggregate, third parties and service providers will not be able to identify any particular Plus! Member from the aggregated data. Only aggregated data on Plus! Members’ qualifying purchases and online behavior, but not their personally identifiable information, will be shared with third parties for advertising and marketing purposes.

Plus! Gateway uses cookies to track the Plus! Member’s purchases with participating retailers to calculate and post LinkPoints to the Plus! Member’s Account. Please refer to Plus! Gateway’s cookie policy and the FAQs on the use of cookies to learn more about cookies and their uses.

Accessing and Changing Personal Information

Plus! Members may access their personal information, review and update their personal information by signing in into their Plus! Account and selecting ‘My Profile’.

Links to Other Sites

The Plus! Gateway website and services may contain links to other websites and the software may redirect Plus! Members to websites that are owned and operated by third parties including affiliates. NTUC Link and/or the Service Provider are not responsible for the privacy or confidentiality practices or the content of such websites. Plus! Members are encouraged to read carefully the privacy policies of such websites.

NTUC Link and/or the Service Provider may also receive account information from participating stores including, but not limited to, information regarding purchases made, products ordered, order number, as well as the time and date the purchase occurred. Plus! Members agree to hold participating stores harmless for any information disclosed to NTUC Link and/or the Service Provider.

Changes to Policy

NTUC Link and/or the Service Provider may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time without prior notice to Plus! Members. It is the responsibility of the Plus! Member to check this Privacy Policy regularly for any amendments to the terms herein.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on September 1, 2015. Each Plus! Member’s continued use of Plus! Gateway and the services indicates his or her acceptance of this privacy policy. In the event that Plus! Gateway is acquired by another company by merger or acquisition, the use of Plus! Member’s information is subject to the privacy policy in effect at the time of the transaction until the acquiring company changes the policy.


Plus! Members may email their enquiries on this Privacy Policy to,