Rakuten Global Market (English)

$1 = 2 LinkPoints
Rakuten Global Market is Japan's No.1 online shopping site, with over 30,000 merchants who offer over 400 thousand various items to customers around the world.
• Please do not click the footer as this may result in loss of tracking.
• Purchase with international delivery is also eligible to earn rewards.
• Only purchase that is made on the Rakuten Global Market website is eligible to earn rewards. They include http://global.rakuten.com/zh-tw/ , http://global.rakuten.com/en/ and http://global.rakuten.com/ko/.
• Please do not switch to other Rakuten's marketplaces as no reward will be given for purchases made from other Rakuten's marketplaces. Other Rakuten’s marketplaces include but not limited to http://www.rakuten.co.jp/ and http://24.rakuten.co.jp/.